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  • Approximately 20% of the population have sensitive skin.

  • Sensitivity is unpredictable and can be triggered by a number of elements:

    • capillaries being dilated
    • endocrine disturbances (imbalances in the nervous system)
    • external factors (changes in temperature)
    • imbalanced diet
    • excessive alcohol consumption
    • poor digestion
Sental Line: Sensitive skin care | rosacea sensitive skin treatment | natural rosacea remedy

alizé's Sental range has been specifically designed for normal to sensitive, combination, blotchy, and rosacea skin types.

The range will effectively combat & relieve:
  • Redness
  • Blotchiness
  • Sensitivity/soreness.
  • Dehydration
  • Dry skin
  • Calm itchy skin

Sental Line - Our Sensitive Skin Care Product Range

You can purchase the Sental Line of products by clicking here & selecting the "buy" option for each product you want.

Prescription: Sensitive/Fragile Skin

1. Sental Cleanser
2. Sental Lotion
3. Sental Serum
4. Sental Gel/Sental Cream
5. Eye Contour Cream/Gel
1. Eye Make Up Remover
2. Sental Cleanser
3. Sental Lotion
4. Sental Serum
5. Sental Reducing Night Cream
6. Eye Contour Cream/Gel


Sental Gel as a mask for less irritation
Sental Mask - 1 to 2 times a week, can be mixed with Sental Reducing Night Cream
Sental Serum - use as a booster 1 to 2 times a week

Sensitive Skin Treatment

Treatments available at salons stocking alizé. For stockists, please contact us.

Treatment Duration
40-45 minutes

Once every 2 weeks until condition improves then once every 4 weeks
  1. Cleanse with Sental Cleanser
  2. Apply Eye Make-up Remover
  3. Apply a thin layer of Sental Reducing Night Cream (if skin is excessively angry)
  4. Deep cleanse the face using Cleansing Mousse (do not use a brush)
  5. Remove with sponges and warm/tepid water
  6. Apply gauze compresses soaked in Sental Lotion to fragile areas
    i.e.; coupe ros?and broken capillaries and leave for 5 minutes
  7. Apply 2ml of Sental Serum
  8. Apply High Frequency (optional)
  9. Mix and apply the following:
    - 2ml Sental Serum
    - 2/3 Sental Mask
    - 1/3 Sental Gel
  10. Remove mask after 20 minutes with sponges/compresses and warm water
  11. Apply light spray of Sental Lotion
  12. Complete treatment with Sental Cream and/or Sental Serum or Cream Elegance

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