Normal to Sensitive, blotchy and rosacea skins. The Sental line has been developed for sensitive, blotchy and roseacea skins.


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Sental Line

Sental Cleanser
This gentle and fragrant milk will free the skin of impurities and irritation, while protecting and cushioning the skin; leaving it feeling fresh, clean, soft and smooth.
Size : 250ml / Price : $ 49.50

Sental Lotion
Size : 250ml / Price : $ 49.50

Sental Cream
The perfect ultra soothing day cream essential to calm irritated, blotchy, and sensitive and rosacea skin. A complex of botanical extracts that de- sensitizes, hydrates soothing and anti- inflammatory to protect and soften. Assists the skins natural defence system by helping prevent damage from environment attack. Contains Both UVA and UVB filters.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 69.00

Sental Reducing Night Cream
The skin can relax at last. This soothing balm is the perfect treatment for all sensitive skins. A treatment that corrects dry skin, redness and helps stimulates cell regeneration , calming and soothing. A multi-purpose cream that helps treat the the discomfort from the effects of , rashes, sunburn, and other skin irritations.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 80.00

Sental Gel
A rescue remedy product that can treat and calm irritated skin.
The Vitamin B complex incorporated in the gel will assist skin repair. Your skin will be left feeling cool, hydrated and refreshed.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 58.00

Sental Balancing Mask
Two mask in one for dual effectiveness. It provides deep relaxation to calm and sooth the skin. It also decongests,
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 51.00

Sental Serum
This highly concentrated antioxidant plant oil based serum not only addresses sensitivity, but will quickly restore the replica orologi skin’s moisture level. This intense anti inflammatory restorative serum will also assist in reducing the effects of wind burn, sunburn, hair removal and acne marks.
Size : 15 / Price : $ 69.00

Sental Travel bag
Travel bag with 50 ml Sental cleanser,50ml Sental lotion, 15ml Sental day cream ,15ml Sental night cream.
Size : 50ml Cleanser,50ml Lotion,15ml day crm, 15ml night / Price : $ 69.50