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Hydratal Line
Dry and dehydrated Skin is predisposed to aging and has little tolerance to climatic and environmental change. The hydratal line has been developed to protect, nourish, hydrate and soften the skin.

Hydratal Cleanser
This luxurious milk cleanser moisturises, rebalances and removes all traces of makeup, daily debris and impurities. It leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.
Size : 250ml / Price : $ 49.50

Hydratal Lotion
Light, yet highly energising, this alcohol-free lotion re-hydrates, re-conditions and balances the skin. It leaves the skin able to breathe freely and completes the cleansing process.
Size : 250ml / Price : $ 49.50

Hydratal Cream
A lightweight moisturiser that hydrates energises and protects the skin with a silky touch. Containing UVA and UVB filters, it will help protect your skin against environmental aggression. You will love this under your make up.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 66.00

Hydratal Nourishing Night Cream
This nutritive cream can effectively assist in treating dry and dehydrated conditions. Overnight this treatment cream will help boost the skins own ability to improve elasticity and regeneration. It will reveal a fresh luminous complexion when you awake in the morning.
Size : 50ml / Price : $ 79.00

Hydratal Serum
This rich highly concentrated formulation produces moisturising, regenerative and firming actions. The combined anti-oxidants will help provide protection against environmental effects.
Size : 15ml / Price : $ 69.00

Hydratal Aromatic Body Milk
A silky textured, light weight lotion that instantly hydrates the skin. Rough dry skin disappears, restoring a firmer, toned looking skin.
You will love the texture and feel.
Size : 250ml / Price : $ 56.00

Hydratal Travel bag
Travel bag with 50 ml Hydratal cleanser,50ml Hydratal lotion, 15ml Hydratal day cream ,15ml Hydratal night cream.
Size : 50ml Cleanser,50ml Lotion,15ml day crm, 15ml night / Price : $ 69.50